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Origin Story

Boulder Fitness Retreats was born out of a desire to share this magical place we call home. With the past two years making most of feel in a state of contraction, we felt it was time to use movement and nature to bring us back into expansion! When we are in a state of expansion, we find ourselves in a better place to give to others in the world. 

We consider the pillars of health to be strength in the body, calmness in the mind, understanding higher purpose, and using movement and breathe to get us there.

In alignment with higher purpose, Boulder Fitness Retreats is proud to be partnering with MAIA. MAIA is a nonprofit organization that seekd to maximize the potential of young women to lead transformational change and create a more equitable society. Opened in 2017, The Imapct School is the first secondary school in Central America specifically designed to connect young rural Indigenous women's talents with 21st Century opportunities. Currently, 232 girls are enrolled at the Impact School in grades 7-11.

 This organization was chosen, because one of our founders was born at the poverty level. It was only possible for her to reach success in life due to her single parent understanding the importance of a good education, so this mission hits close to home. Boulder Fitness Retreats will be donating 10% of our proceeds to MAIA and hope to build more awareness for this fantastic organization.

Our only requirement: Be ready to have a great time!

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